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Why is it tough to find local hookups?

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First things first, let me get this out of the way: yes, you can hookup using websites that promise free local sex hookups.  There, I said it.  I’ve gotten it out of the way so let’s get straight to the reality.  While it is true that on a statistical basis, you can get laid using websites that promise hookups for free, it’s not going to be very easy.  In fact, it can get so difficult that your rate of success would actually be precisely the same as the kind of success you’re enjoying if you weren’t using these websites in the first place.


Now, this might piss you off because you might be thinking – well, if I’m already getting laid from time to time doing what I’m already doing, then there’s really no point in me joining an online dating resource or websites that can help you to find a local hook up or offer free local sex hookups.  You are definitely justified thinking along those lines.  However, you might be throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Why?  There are other elements in online adult dating that you don’t get with offline dating.


The reason why you don’t experience consistent success in your local and offline hunt for pussy is because there’s all sorts of variables at play.  You really can’t control these variables when you go to a dance club, maybe there’s a hot DJ there that can get the crowd excited and this can attract the right mix of women and then somehow, someway this ends up with you getting your dick up.  Hooray for you.


The problem is you cannot replicate those set of circumstances week after week for you to achieve the same level of success.  In an online setting, you can.  By simply joining the right type of websites, you can increase your likelihood of hooking up.  This is the key.  You cannot join free local sex hookup websites across the board.  They’re not created equal.  Get that idea out of your head.  You have to focus on joining the right ones and putting in the right time and energy to properly learn the ropes.  If you’re able to do that, you can increase your likelihood of success.  The more successful you get, the more consistent your success will be.

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